What Are Rootrainers

Rootrainers are hinged cells that can be opened to expose roots, inspect the moisture of the soil mixture and/or transplant when they are ready. They were first developed in Canada for growing trees from seeds and cuttings. They are available in a variety of sizes.

Rootrainers are typically deeper than the normal sized cells, and the sides of the cells are corrugated which encourages the roots to grow straight downward. They require less greenhouse spacee than normal size pots, require less compost and consequently less water.

Rootrainers are currently used for growing trees, shrubs and and general plants which have very fine root systems and can be harmed if the roots are disturbed during transplanting.

Here is a good link that explains more about the used of Rootrainers:

Ronaash Rootrainers, UK

Spencer-Lemaire Rootrainers

Where to Buy Rootrainers:

Wholesale sources -

Stuewe & Sons, Inc., Tree Seedling Nursery Containers

Hummert International

Retail Sources -

Charley's Greenhouse & Garden Supply

Park Seed Rootrainers

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