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Thread: Growing Gerbera Daisies from Seeds

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    At first, I didn't think my Gerbera's were going to come back this year, but they have. There are more plants, but they are smaller, and they have not bloomed. This is probably due to the fact that they are now in too much shade. The camellia has gotten huge over the years.

    So... As I recently told a dear friend, they are simply too inexpensive to worry about it.

    So, this morning, there they were! For $3.96 per 1 gallon pot. Gosh! I wish I could have purchased more of them, but I only bought four.

    Anyway, this will get you an idea of the size that you can get this time of the year for $3.96. They have to harden off before I can plant them in the yard and hopefully, we will start getting more rain!
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