Not Silly! Smart!

The seeds are so expensive, and they are always mixed in colors.

Now, you can let them bloom there little hearts out, harvest seeds, know which seeds to keep and plant more for next year.

I must admit that I have never tried them in paper towels, just in soiless mix. Once they sprout, just a little care and making sure that they do not dry out and WOW, you have lots of plants.

Good for you! Sounds like you are a winner all the way around, huh?

I noticed at my last trip to Lowes that the selection had dwindled, but there were still lots and lots of them.

I don't know how well my favorite one will do when I transplant it, but I do need to move it so that it will get less shade. It is a choice of moving it or cutting back the camellia, so I'll move it.

Like you said, they are not that expensive.

Enjoy your Gerberas! I adore them... Don't forget to let us know how the seedlings started in paper towels do for you.