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Thread: Bee Balm

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    Bee Balm

    We have a bee balm ..... purchased this year .... It spread out to about a 3-4 ft. diameter .... but grew very little in height (height is less than one ft.) ... is this normal ?



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    Perrenial Height

    Many perennials will maintain a lower height than what you read on seed packages and in reference books. The heights listed include the height of the blooming flower stalk.

    Monarda (bee balm), purple cone flower and shasta daisy, for example, will be 2 foot tall or more when in full bloom. After the flower falls and the bloom stalks are removed, these plants will only be about a foot tall.

    Monarda will spread outward via rhizome type roots and can be divided in the spring and fall to make additional plants.

    It is my understanding that some varieties of Monarda are taller than others.

    Have FUN, Jim! It's digging time!
    Ann B.
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